Noah Hilbrecht – one year at the corporate social work at AfB

Noah Hilbrecht has been a company social worker at AfB for a year now. We asked Noah how his first year at the inclusive company went and what he loves about his work.

Noah Hilbrecht stands smiling in front of the camera, the AfB building can be seen behind him. He is wearing a beige T-shirt.

Noah Hilbrecht has been a company social worker at AfB for a year. Photo: AfB.

Hi Noah! You've been working in corporate social work at AfB for exactly one year in July. How did your first year go?

In my first few months, it was mainly about getting to know as many colleagues as possible and establishing a basis of trust. During my rotation, I got to know the departments and the work.

The bureaucratic part of our work was added bit by bit: Grants, applications. I've been working intensively on this for a few months now. I've just gone through the process from A to Z for a new colleague: applying for equal status, communicating with the funding body and pension insurance, checking target groups. After a year, I'm beginning to know what's involved. You also need the time, it varies from case to case and from federal state to federal state.

What do you like most about your job?

When people find their place here. It's great to be involved in professional integration and to see that it works! People get a job that suits them. That's really good.

In general, I enjoy working with people the most. You need a certain curiosity. You learn a lot and can exchange ideas. It's a great feeling to help people by listening to them.

What is your conclusion after a year of company social work?

Above all, I have developed a lot personally. Both in terms of my character and the way I work. AfB gives me a lot of freedom, which has made me more independent. The job gives me a lot personally, but I also acquire a lot of specialist knowledge on a professional level. I really enjoy doing this job!

Thank you, Noah, and all the best for the future.