Social and Ecological - Our IT project

As a specialist in refurbishing IT equipment, we wish to increase our ecological and social impact on a European scale by favouring a territorial anchorage.

Our values

Our values are based on the fundamental pillars of sustainable development:

  • Ecology: Refurbishing computer parks can extend their lifespan and thus promote the circular economy.
  • Social: Training and recruiting people with disabilities who have sometimes been away from work for a long time. For some, joining the AfB team means learning a new profession, the opportunity to integrate or reintegrate into society. It is also the possibility to evolve internally or externally by choosing to join more traditional companies.
  • Economy: Building a sustainable economic model that creates and sustains jobs. 


Our mission

Give a second life to computer equipment and offer a new start to people with disabilities.

Our goals

Extend our territorial anchorage in order to increase our ecological and social impact. Build structures close to our future partners, promote short circuits and boost the local economy.